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On Friday, Big Y Foods Inc. (NYSE: UBA, UBP) announced that it has purchased the Pershing Square Shopping Center, Inc., which houses the newly opened Popeye's Center. S. S., London. We are thrilled with this news as we have announced plans to open a world-class market on the corner of New Haven Avenue and South Main Street in the heart of downtown Hartford, Connecticut. Today we announced our intention to acquire the Pershed Square shopping center and its assets for $9,000.

The center is part of the Terrytown shopping center portfolio, and DLC Management Corp., based in New York, is one of eight Connecticut shopping centers managed and owned by DLC, which also includes the New Haven Shopping Center in Hartford, Connecticut and the South Main Street Mall in Stamford.

The idyllic place to live in Derby is provided by its picturesque views of the New Haven River and the Connecticut River. There are also many opportunities for those who want to settle in a city that is characterized by small-town culture and beliefs.

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Meanwhile, Valley Indy in Derby reported last week that a brewery in an old factory on Roosevelt Drive plans to start beer production.

Conceptual plans unveiled at Derby City Council's meeting last week for the development of Pershing Drive show the development could bring in more than 1.5 million square metres of retail space. The shopping centre, which is part of the city's first multi-functional development, will be anchored by a 7,000 square metre grocery store, a 1,500-car park and a 2,200-seat theatre. Its location on Pershed Drive complements millions of square feet of surrounding retail space, including restaurants, retail stores, office and residential space, and a hotel and office building.

D'Amour said the company is determined to return food, services and money to the community around its stores every year. ShopRite is proud to provide logistical, volunteer and food support for the annual event, which attracts more than 2,000 people from the United States, Canada and Canada. He said: "We are very proud to donate and donate hundreds of volunteer hours every year and to donate food and services to local food banks, food stocks and other food service organisations.

In 1989, ShopRite launched an innovative and groundbreaking program called Supermarket Careers, which has been in place ever since. It serves as a model for providing high quality education to thousands of young people in the food, retail, health and hospitality sectors.

The new Big Y will be about 60,000 square feet and will be the 71st store in Connecticut and Massachusetts. Pershing Square shares a parking lot with Planet Fitness in the adjacent Red Raider Plaza and shares the same parking garage as the other ShopRite stores in Hartford. The store offers a variety of food and beverages, as well as a full service fitness and wellness center. It is located at the intersection of Interstate 95 and State Street, where 64,300 vehicles drive daily, according to the Connecticut Department of Transportation.

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Wakefern and ShopRite together employ more than 50,000 people, and most Shoprite stores are family businesses run by second, third and even fourth generations. Some were created in the 1940s from small mom-and-pop stores, others from the 1950s to 1980s, and some since the 1990s.

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